The 7 Greatest Zombie Films

When you think about the ultimate horror flicks around, zombie movies will always pop into your mind. For some people there is nothing more frightening than a large group of lumbering undead bearing down on you to scare the wits out of you. There are have plenty of really bad zombie movies made, but there are some that rank up there as the best possible movies ever made. Following are a few of the more popular zombie flicks that have made us laugh and cringe while watching them. Some of these movies may not win awards or academy acclaim but, for most, they have won over viewers’ hearts as classics in one way or another.

1. Night of the Living Dead: This is the premiere cult classic for zombie movies. Released in 1968, Night of the Living Dead brought horror fans something new in that the protagonist(s), zombies, weren’t running around carving people up, but rather they were a slow moving unbeatable force that wanted one thing and one thing only: You!

2. Dawn of the Dead: Dawn of the Dead took a day at the mall to the extreme. While most people consider the original 1978 George Romero version as the classic, the later 2004 version is what makes this zombie movie shambling at the top of the list. When the world turns into a zombie apocalypse, the best place to stage for survival is the local mall, until the zombies break through, that is.

3. Return of the Living Dead: Running the lines between horror and comedy, Return of the Living Dead is quite possibly the first zombie movie to come out with a comedic plotline and slapstick humor thrown in to create an atmosphere unlike anything seen previously. With the addition of punk and death metal music thrown into the soundtrack, this movie garnered quite a bit of attention in 1985 as an aspiring cult classic.

4. Shaun of the Dead: This British born zombie movie will definitely see its name in the zombie movie hall of fame. By far, one of the more outlandish and dry humor zombie movies around, Shaun of the Dead takes the viewer through the daily life of Shaun and straight into a zombie apocalypse, followed by the highlights of being able to keep a zombie tethered in your garden shed for entertainment purposes. If you have never seen a zombie movie before, you should start with this one.

5. Zombieland: Zombieland is one of the latest additions of taking something so frightening, such as zombies destroying the world, and adding a bit of dark, yet appealing, humor to the subject. Once the initial shock of the zombies have worn off, there comes a time when you absolutely must make a game out of your zombie kills. This movie gives you the uneasy feeling of walking into an open and abandoned supermarket, zombies lurking inside, with the halfhearted and uneasy laugh as you watch them being executed in a fashionable, yet unique, way.

6. Resident Evil: Afterlife: This is the newest zombie movie to come out of the Resident Evil franchise and is sure to be a hit with all the fans. Once again, we find Alice (Mila Jovovich) doing what she does best; destroying zombies and fighting the Umbrella Corporation. This fast paced action/zombie flick takes the viewer deeper into the workings of the Resident Evil franchise and shows us that even the strongest zombie fighting maniacs can still look hot in leather. If you like the video game series then you will probably love this sequel to the Resident Evil movies.

7. Planet Terror: Furthering the exploits of Robert Rodriguez, Planet Terror is one zombie film that will have you sitting in shock and awe. While some people won’t have the stomach to make it through this movie to its ending, those that can, will walk away pleased with their choice in watching it. If you like your movies to be filled with guilty pleasure and mindless thought processes then this movie will have you feeling pretty good. Rodriguez is known for throwing everything he can into a scene just to see if it works, and this whole movie was done that way. While it may not win too many acclaimed awards, it will surely fall into the cult classic arena in no time at all.

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