7 Worst Movies Ever

There are plenty of movies that people remember as being the best movie they have ever seen. There are also those movies that people remember so that they can tell everyone they know not to bother wasting their money to see. These movies are what will be focused on here and will include some of the reasons why no one on the planet should ever spend money to watch them.

1. The Last Airbender: While this is touted as an M. Night movie, it is by far one of the worst films ever created by this spectacular visionary of film. The movies M. Night puts out are some of the most organic and mind-boggling episodic events put to film. Unfortunately, The Last Airbender falls short of his greatness. Trying to put a child’s cartoon in the format for an adult looking movie doesn’t seem to be M. Night’s strongest forte. Give this one a miss if you have the chance.

2. Alone in the Dark: While the video game franchise for Alone in the Dark has seen praise amongst gamers around the world, the movie is anything but praise worthy. While the setting and plot could have been something fantastic and scary, the dialog and lack of acting seems to make this movie more of a joke than anything else. While it is filled with big name actors such as Christian Slater and Steven Dorff, the inability of the writers to put dialog and plot together seems to have ruined any chance of acting in this movie.

3. Plan 9 from Outer Space -1959: While the idea behind the plot could have proved that this movie would be a classic, the writers fell short of creating a workable script. If you like the thought of aliens resurrecting the dead to wreak havoc on the unsuspecting Earthlings in order to stop them from creating a super weapon, this is a great movie. If you are hoping that you get the same heart pounding plot with decent dialog and some sort of common sense, then your dreams have been shattered. This movie should be classified as B-rated comedy rather than a sci-fi horror movie.

4. Troll 2 (1990): This movie should never have been thought up let alone created. Whatever illicit drugs the producers, writers, and director were using at the time of creation for this movie should have been shared with the audience just to help them stay in their seats while viewing this virtual rape of the senses. Nothing about this movie comes close to being entertaining in any way shape or form. If you have the chance to watch this movie make sure you bring a pencil with you. In this way you can stab yourself in the eyes and ears instead of finishing the horror that isn’t a horror movie. The worst thing is that there are no, (yes that says NO), Trolls in this movie whatsoever.

5. Battlefield Earth (2000): While L. Ron Hubbard created a masterpiece with his book; the movie isn’t even close to being a masterpiece. It is a piece, but not a masterpiece. If the writers could have stayed closer to the plot in the book, it might have been something to talk about, but the wide paths the movie takes to avoid the book makes this sci-fi could-have-been into a sci-fi need-to-miss. Even though it does back in some superstar actors, the dialog is dry and forgettable.

6. Gigli (2003): Yes, inept hit men, lesbian assassins, and a retarded man being held hostage. What could possibly be better? Maybe filming a movie that had nothing to do with any of the fore mentioned plot lines. Even though Ben Affleck, Jennifer Lopez, and Christopher Walken are some of the most noted actors of the screen, this movie took them and created something that should never have been.

7. The Room (2003): If you haven’t seen this movie, you aren’t missing anything. In fact, you have probably lived a full life if you have managed to miss this inept vision of creating a comedic drama. While it’s called The Room, it probably should have been locked up in a sealed room away for anyone capable of viewing it. This is one movie that everyone should avoid unless you are sitting in a mental institute, dosed with Thorazine and are forced to watch it on movie night.

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