7 CREEPIEST Movies of All Time

The following movies represent a feeling of creepiness, and not just basic horror. Creepiness is something you feel in your gut as just not being right no matter what the context of the movie is about, and these movies have it. While there are plenty of other movies that people feel are creepy in their own minds, it’s hard not to call these movies creepy.

1. Silence of the Lambs: This is probably one of the creepiest movies ever created. While a serial killer who takes the skin from the people he kills in order to make a suit to wear may be gross and disturbing, no one could sit still while the main character was walking around in the basement and the killer was using night vision goggles. The dialog was as creepy as they come as well; “It puts the lotion on!” is probably one of the creepiest things ever uttered in the human language.

2. The Exorcist: The Exorcist took something that should be shocking and threw it in your face and forced you to acknowledge it in ways you have never wanted to think about. While plenty of movies revolve around demonic possession, The Exorcist took on the role of being creepy by all the strange stuff that happened while it was being filmed. Definitely one to watch with the lights on.

3. Arachnophobia: If you have a fear of spiders then don’t watch this one at all. Even though the spiders they used in the movie are harmless, seeing how big they are will give you nightmares for a month. The fact that all the spiders were real makes this one of the creepiest movies ever made and everyone that watches it will have that uneasy feeling like something is crawling on their arms.

4. A Clock Work Orange: Words can’t describe how creepy this movie is. While it is one of the best examples of a cult classic, the whole aspect of the movie reeks as being creepy to the point where you want to turn it off. A social misfit is caught and forced through rehabilitation by making him watch atrocities with his eyes forced to stay open until he becomes physically sick from the scenes. That makes this one creepy movie.

5. The Cell: Taking a trip through the thought processes of a serial killer is nothing new for FBI Special Agents, but this movie took it one step further. By stepping into the actual mind of a comatose serial killer in order to save his last victim, The Cell brings an atmosphere of creepy that few other movies can match. No one is comfortable when it comes to the thoughts of a serial killer, but having to force yourself to visually experience it might be the creepiest thing you have ever done in your life.

6. The Mist: If atmosphere makes a movie creepy, then The Mist is by far the all-time winner in the creepy category. Seeing strange creatures after you is one thing, but when they are hidden from view and you only get to catch a brief glimpse of what it might possibly be, that makes your skin crawl. The Mist surrounds everything and creates an atmosphere of depression and horror that plays out in a small town where the main characters are trapped in a supermarket. The ensuing transformation of characters in this movie is almost as creepy as the mist surrounding them.

7. The Omen: By far one of the classics in the horror genre, The Omen takes what some would see as a loving child and turns him into a hell-bent demon whose only purpose is to eviscerate everything good in the world. The creepiest part is that the villain, or monster, is played by a young child and that makes you question reality itself at times. This is a great movie to see, especially around Halloween but make sure you leave at least one light on just in case. While the sequels and remakes of this movie have their highs and lows, the original Omen movie is by far the creepiest one ever made. Take your time to enjoy this movie but make sure you have a way to pause it if you need to take a break and focus on your own reality from time to time.

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