7 Best and Worst Video Game Movies

A lot of producers and writers try to cross over video games and make movies out of them. Some of them succeed while others seem to crash and burn into oblivion. The following is a list of some of the best, and worst, video game cross overs on the market. While some people might like all of these movies, there are some that should never have been made. But, the good news is that there were some cross over movies that made it to the big times and became huge hits in film. This is a list to show you the ones you should see, and the ones you should run away from.

1. Super Mario Bros. (1993) Worst: Super Mario Brothers was the first video game turned into a movie the world has ever seen, and those that have seen it are wishing they never had. The aspect of taking John Leguziamo and Bob Hoskins and forcing them to play Italian brothers was a stretch, but trying to pass Dennis Hopper off as a half man half lizard villain was the straw that broke the camel’s back. This movie should have stayed as a video game and never been brought to the screen no matter how much money was said to be made from it.

2. Wing Commander (1999) Worst: The Wing Commander games have a very strong following in the gaming community, as well they should. The games are a fantastic crossover of space flight sim and action/ arcade gaming at its finest. However, the movie was nothing more than a huge waste of time and effort on everyone’s part. This is another game/movie crossover that should have been left in the basement of who ever thought it up. The acting is atrocious and the writing even worse. The only thing that could have made this movie good is the running of the credits after the first 3 seconds of the opening scene.

3. Blood Rayne (2006) Worst: While most gamers will agree that the Blood Rayne games were something extraordinarily unique when they came out, they will also agree that there never should have been a movie made. The premise of the game could have been a very good movie blockbuster but the lack of capable writers has turned this movie into a farce best left unseen. Nothing good can come from watching this unadulterated waste of time.

4. Street Fighter (1994) Worst: Street Fighter has been known as one of the best and most addicting fight games in an arcade setting, but once it turned from arcade hit to movie blowout, it created a backlash in the gaming world that caused the game to fall almost as low as the movie did. While there are a few big name actors involved in the movie, the writers seem to have no idea what the game was about and just threw the script together at a lunch get together rather than writing for an actual movie. If you want to see a plot with hardly any dialog, terrible fighting scenes, and no plots what so ever, then this is the movie for you. If you want to watch an actual movie, then you will miss out with this one.

5. Final Fantasy: The Spirits Within (2001) Best: The Final Fantasy franchise is one of the most highly regarded video game series the world has ever seen. By giving the viewers a fantastic graphical movie, completely computer generated, and offering it up in a fantastic movie that has gained critical acclaim, it has done the world a favor. Being the first real computer generated movie in its entirety makes this one movie that everyone should see.

6. Resident Evil (2002) Best: There are a lot of horror and zombie movies out there but none of them were able to bring in the money as Resident Evil did. This video game/movie crossover is quite possibly one of the first to make it to the big screen with the same attention to detail that the video game created from its inception. Even the sequels to the movie have brought acclaim and awards that other movies haven’t seen before.

7. Silent Hill (2006) Best: One of the spookiest video games created, this movie took the spooky to the big screen and had success. While other video games try to make movies that change the aspect of the action, Silent Hill took the scary atmosphere and chilling action to the limits.

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