7 Best and Worst Comic-Book Movies

Comic books have been a monument to the creative process for writers and directors alike for decades. Some of these people grew up reading comics and was inspired to take their love of action and drama to the big screen. However, there are some comics that should have been left as written material and never made it to the cutting room floor. The following is an example of some of the best, and worst, possible comic book cross overs that have entered the mainstream.
While there are plenty of others that should be in the list, these are just a few examples of what should and should not have been. Nothing is set in stone and you can count on there being more movies made about comics in the future, but hopefully lessons will be learned from past mistakes and future comic cross overs will be much better than the worst ones on this list.

1. The Crow (1994) – Best: This is by far one of the best possible cross overs from a comic to a movie ever created. While the sequels didn’t seem to make it very far, the original Crow movie took action to new heights and created a super hero unseen in modern movies. If you want to see a movie that has everything you could possibly want and still make you wish the movie never ended, then this is the movie that you are going to want to watch.

2. Batman (1989) – Best: The Batman comic franchise has been one of the biggest in history. When they decided to make a movie out of the comic it was met with mixed reviews. A lot of people didn’t think they would be able to capture the nature of Batman. Thankfully, those critics were wrong. Michael Keaton played one of the best Batman’s ever and the franchise has been a hit ever since.

3. Superman (1978) – Best: While there have been plenty of Superman movies to hit the market, the original Superman, with Christopher Reeves, was by far the best possible Superman movie ever made. It has the classic villain, Lex Luther, and the romantic love interest in Lois Lane. Nothing could make this movie better and even the graphics were a hit when it came out.

4. X-men (2000) – Best: The X-men movies have become one of the highest grossing comic book cross over movies of all time. Some cross over movies never seem to work, but this one worked in ways that no other movies have before. The X-men movies created an uproar that was hard to bring down and they continued with the sequels. This is definitely one movie that should be watched if you have never seen it before.

5. Daredevil (2003) – Worst: Quite possibly one of the worst possible cross overs around, this movie took comic book super heroism and threw it right in the toilet. While the comic Daredevil was stupendous, the movie version fell short of even being considered a real movie. Maybe next time, and you can count on another remake, they will make the plot more fluid and functional. They might even find writers that can piece a story together, complete with dialog, and make it somewhat entertaining.

6. Catwoman (2004) – Worst: Catwoman was a great secondary character in the Batman series but as a stand-alone movie it didn’t make it. Although it had some great actors, including Halle Berry, the writing and action scenes fell short. Some people might enjoy this movie but for those that follow comic books, they will tell you that this movie is yet another one in a long list that should have been thought out before going to production.

7. Howard the Duck (1986) – Worst: This movie is by far the worst possible cross over in existence. Even the comic book wasn’t good enough to read, and yet, some idiot thought it would be a good idea to make a movie out of it. The producers of this movie should be required to pay back the almost $10 the movie grossed to the one pathetic fool that watched it and be banned from creating ANYTHING in the future. It is sad to see that this movie made final release and that the writers, director, producers, and even editors were allowed to go on to other movies.

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